Mole End - a 00 gauge layout

An imaginary location in Somerset

Welcome to Mole End - a website dedicated to my "00" Scale layout


The layout was started in the Autumn of 2010 and has already had its first exhibition (very much as a work in progress)at Penmorfa in North Wales.  Its second exhibition (3rd to 4th June 2012) was in a much more "complete" condition with basic scenery done and some detailing work carried out.


The baseboards are constructed from plywood, 1/2 inch for the frames and 1/4 inch for the tops (recycled from my old "N" gauge layout).  The tops are solid because I am modelling the Somerset Levels area.  There are no water courses on the layout, mainly because somebody (no names no pack drill) wired up the layout before cutting the channels...  I've never made baseboards entirely from ply before but I had help from our club "chippy" to design and build them.  They're a bit rough and ready but strong and solid.  The legs fold beneath the boards as per Wolverhampton Model Railway Club standard design.


The track is all Peco code 100 with mainly live frog points, the exceptions being the double slip and one point in the main yard area.  The slip in particular has caused problems with the engine intended as the station pilot, a High Level Pug has a wheelbase that just matches the distance between the slip's plastic insulated sections.  A shunters' truck required?



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